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For new pattern Apple has modified the "Y" component to include a letter code instead of a number, and the new system will reflect in that code not only the year of manufacture, but also whether it was manufactured in the first or second half of the year. The new week format utilizes one of 27 alphanumeric characters to denote the week of manufacture, beginning with and moving on to letters, omitting 0, vowels A, E, I, O, and U, as well as B, S, and Z.

Because the 27 possible characters can not account for all of the weeks in the year, the "W" component must be paired with the "Y" component to determine whether the machine was manufactured in the first or second half of the year, with the "W" codes recycling every six months. System serials and hardware ids are serving various logistical purposes barcode. They should be easy to use by barcode reader and should be easy to decipher with simple regular expressions regex.

Its wise to use common general pattern everywhere. So, it's obvious that some pattern might occur for both, system serials and hardware part ids. As you see below, there is a certain pattern hidden in MLB. Based on this pattern MLB is easily reversible. Name your MLB and I'm able to tell to you to which Mac model it belongs, where and when made, and so on.

It's not a random string. Please note, it's easy interpret wrongly this pattern, as it has similarities with 11char serial.. Some are guessing that they can use serial number parts for MLB. It's not true.

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Manufacturing location and model id's aren't shared between serial number and MLB. Definitions in serial number aren't valid for MLB. Do not try to use serial number location or model ids for MLB, those aren't valid. MLB uses its own definitions.

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If you have any additional or more adequate information about this pattern, please let me know! I have found this pattern after examination of approx. I suspect that Apple is using a new system for year and week identification for 17 char MLB. I don't have enough data to decipher the 17char MLB pattern yet. You are welcome to help. You need proper and matching hardware id's for your custom built comp. If you are trying to use any of Apple's online services, Apple collects some data about you and your hardware. You couldn't make a fake Apple ID as it goes trough credit card validation.

So, banks are doing identifying of persons for Apple. Using someones credit card and personal data without a proper legal authorisation is criminal activity on most western countries. For second, Apple collects data about you hardware.

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For example all your devices a listed on iCloud or on another appropriate support pages. Below is screenshot of iCloud Settings page, where all devices, from which you have accessed the service. How to slice a MLB? You are welcome to support this research. Thank You! Do not try to guess or randomly generate those values. Invalid values will cause a head-heck and if you are trying to use some Apple services, you get banned for those services soon or later, especially iMessage and FaceTime.

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Your system serial and MLB are sent to Apple! Do not contact Apple's support in any case, even if you have this kind alert. You are not eligible for Apple support with custom built computer. Do not try. Similarity is confusing, MLB and serial number are sharing only overall barcode pattern. Serial number is good point from where to start, thats obvious, as MLB and serial should have logical match , but not match by letter.

So, pieces of puzzle should fit with each another. I guess it's smart to use similar production time with system, just set MLB production time up to 6 months earlier of system production time. Production number is easy to calculate. The best option to inject proper values into your system, is to use Clover boot-loader, which injects all those values properly. Second option is to use some GUI for editing Clover configuration file. Read Clover Wiki for more details. On this scenario value is taken directly from hardware.

Read about flashing on this post: Flashing Mac Address. Important note. Note, If your serial is 11 chars, it's recommended to use 13 chars MLB. Before signing into any Apple's services from custom built comp, think twice. And after that, think twice again! Are you Apple's customer at all? Do you have any genuine Apple device, which grants access to Apple's services? If yes, it's a bit up to you from where you access these services, from your custom built mac or from iDevice or from iCloud webpage etc.

Whatever you do, do not attack Apple or anyone else! Most of iMessage Fixing guides available on Internet are invalid today. Be very careful! This error isn't authentication related at all! This error means that Apple suspects some sort of dangerous activity. So, they want to protect their customers privacy, etc. Your Apple ID is fine, but Apple doesn't like your hardware. Most of services require a valid system serial. System serial should match appropriate pattern.

Also you need properly configured network card.

All those values should be persistent. If you reuse these values, yo mightu put yourself into huge risk, which might end by terminating your Apples account. So be careful, do not steal those from someone. A lot of users have followed misleading instructions by using random values. It's exact science how to generate those values. If you miss something, you have an invalid value, which is unable to bypass Apples validation.

Do your science, don't relay on guesswork. Building a custom built comp, which runs an OS X, is a branch of computer science, not a some kind dumb-users Windows installation. Serial validation: genuine mac and self generated serial. Hardware combination system model and hardware part should match in serial number and MLB.

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The best boot loader to get job done properly, to inject those values into OS X memory, is Clover. Do not use Chimera. Once again do not Chimera.

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TonyMac will sued soon by Apple too. Do not try to sign into any Apple's services before you have made a rock solid combination of serial number and hardware id's. MLB and Serial should have logical match. Make sure that your system serial does not belong to anyone else! Those values should be used only in one single computer, nowhere else. Do not post it any public forum, blog etc.